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Sending Large Files Over Email

ESP Projects
14th August 2017 7 Min. Read

One of the most frequent technical support issues we receive here at ESP Projects is the problem of sending large files over email or sending lots of smaller attachments at once.

What really happens after you press send?

Your email is sent on either to your server or to your internet service provider for processing. Just like the mail system, once it has been dropped in the box, it is dealt with by third party carriers until it reaches its destination.

How To Compress Images in Microsoft Office

ESP Projects
29th June 2017 4 Min. Read

When you put a logo in an email you only need it to be a few centimetres high. Similarly, when you visit a website, you want images to appear quickly and not have to wait for them to download. You need smaller images both ‘on the page’ and in terms of ‘file size’. This is where image compression comes in.

What is image compression?

When printers and graphic designers create an image for you, it is very high resolution and huge in size (usually >2Mb), so that they can print in top quality and use the same image in any medium, from a letterhead to a 50-foot high projection.When these files get sent through the web, whether in an email or on a website, they need to be made smaller i.e. compressed.
Image compression makes the image size on the page and the depth and clarity of colour smaller, with no visible loss of quality.

Meet our new web developer: Sam

ESP Projects
28th June 2017 4 Min. Read

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’ve been a programmer commercially for around 5 years and learning for the last 8. I’ve worked across a number of different platforms, including; health and wellbeing, the financial sector and freelance web development. I went to Huddersfield University Where I gained a First-Class Degree and an award for Best Overall Performance on A Final Year Project.

Digital Marketing for Charities

ESP Projects
20th April 2017 7 Min. Read

With an increasingly small range of funds available, Charities, often overworked in this age of austerity, are being forced to work harder for the grants and donations they need to keep ticking. Digital marketing for charities hasn’t always been easy, but now, more than ever before, it is an essential task.  Publicity, positive image and getting a message across are all getting more difficult to achieve in an ever more competitive environment, with different charities online vying for attention.

5 Top Tips for Virus Protection for you and your Business

ESP Projects
4th January 2017 5 Min. Read

Before outlining what measures you can take to protect your computer, it’s perhaps more useful to understand what a computer virus actually is. There are many forms of threatening viruses but perhaps the worst kind that can affect your business is what’s known as ‘Ransomware’. This does what it says, it holds your files and data to ransom within your system or server. It works by encrypting certain data so that you can no longer access it.

A success story for Support Dogs

ESP Projects
3rd March 2016 2 Min. Read

It’s no secret that many of ESP Projects clients are charities and we’ll try to help them out wherever possible and however we can.   Support Dogs is an excellent cause, and we were delighted to hear that one of their dogs, Azerley, is in a shortlist of four for the Crufts Friends for Life award.

Azerley and Support Dogs will be featured on Channel 4 throughout Crufts (March 10-13) and the winner will be decided by public vote.   There is a lovely video about the difference Azerley is making to the life of one little boy, Cohen, here