Do I need to backup in Office 365?

James Greaves
2 months ago 4 Min. Read

I have Office 365, do I still need to backup?

Office 365 has become more and more popular over the past couple of years and is now used in businesses all over the world. It has become increasingly beneficial to many users improving productivity, reducing costs for hardware and allowing users to access data wherever they might be.

Due to the data being in the cloud users are led to believe that there is no need to do Office 365 backups. Microsoft do have measures in place to backup and replicate data at their end but basically this is only a simple form of backup and does not actually protect you from human error such as accidental deletion or an employee maliciously deleting data.

TT-Exchange & Microsoft Donation Programme Changes

ESP Projects
7th March 2018 5 Min. Read

Microsoft and TT-Exchange (Tech Trust) have announced in the last few days, that some changes to the Donation Programme ran by the partners will be coming into force on 1st April 2018 – just 3 weeks away!

TT-Exchange (A registered UK Charity in its own right) is the only place where registered UK charities can access donated products from the Microsoft Product Catalogue (it also provides donated and discounted products from many other software and hardware vendors)

The Ultimate GDPR Guide

Jordan Hackford
26th February 2018 57 Min. Read

The General Data Protection Regulation was first proposed in 2012, and what followed was four years of discussions, debates, and amendments, with the regulation finally adopted by the European Parliament in 2016. Countries, companies, and organisations were given two years to comply, with the regulation being enforced from 25 May 2018. What originally seemed like a reasonable amount of time to prepare has passed quickly, and at the time of this writing, enforcement of the GDPR is barely 3-months away.

No Charity Left Behind: The Need for a Digital Third Sector

ESP Projects
23rd January 2018 3 Min. Read

Tech Trust has this week released a new white paper aimed at illuminating the fact that many charities have no sort of Digital Strategy in place.

What is it About?

The whitepaper provides lots of statistics that Tech Trust have generated during the creation of the whitepaper.  The whitepaper is titled “No charity left behind: the need for a digital third sector” and provides information and trends surrounding the information it gathered between September and October 2017.

GDPR FAQs for Charities

ESP Projects
10th January 2018 4 Min. Read

As you will have noticed, ESP Projects has been posting regular content relating to GDPR (General Data Protection). Which comes into force in May 2018. Recently, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has released new content aimed at charities. Adding to the ever-growing list of resources on its website. The documentation has been added to the Small Business advice and guidance section.

ESP Projects 10 Most Common IT Support Questions of 2017

ESP Projects
2nd January 2018 7 Min. Read

As IT Support specialists, we provide tech support to companies of all types and sizes. With this in mind, we thought it would be interesting to end another successful year with a roundup of our 10 most common IT support questions from 2017.


1.   I Need to Reset my Password

Failing to log in is among one of the most common IT support issues we are contacted with. The chances are, you’ve forgotten the password and you simply need to reset it. Our team can talk you through the process and provide step by step assistance.