Why ESP Is Using 3CX As Its VoIP Solution

Harvey Morton
1 week ago 6 Min. Read

Why ESP Is Using 3CX As Its VoIP Solution

ESP has decided to upgrade from Kero to the more widely used 3CX platform for its primary VoIP solution for its clients.

Kero, ESPs primary solution up until recently, has recently been bought out by GFI. This has raised questions over the future of the platform, particularly around the levels of security and how ‘future-proof’ it will be in the long run. Although GFI are continuing subscriptions for Kero, it is likely that they will eventually wind it down completely. This means that it will become useless at some point, and that the support for the system going forward will diminish. This was the initial impetus to implement a platform shift.

Should Your Company Install the COVID-19 Tracing App?

Harvey Morton
1 week ago 5 Min. Read

With contact tracing finally taking hold, we are finally moving in the right direction in terms of reliable tracing app solutions for COVID-19. It is hoped that our tracing systems will soon line up with the efforts of countries such as South Korea, who are leading the way in successfully tracing the virus.

Many governments around the world are working on different tracing apps. Some are going with a decentralised approach, whereas others are building apps that will not disclose any personal information.

How to Use Zoom Securely

Harvey Morton
1 week ago 5 Min. Read

This period of lockdown and remote working has seen a boom in the usage of video conferencing software in order to collaborate with colleagues. The most popular of these platforms has been Zoom. However, there has been a fair bit of bad press around this particular conferencing platform in recent months.

The fast rise In Zoom’s popularity has outstripped its development team’s ability to keep the app secure. With several security vulnerabilities discovered, the team have been working hard to patch the problems.

5 Not So Obvious Ways to Speed Up Your Home Internet

Harvey Morton
2 weeks ago 5 Min. Read

The demand on the internet provides has increased significantly in recent months due to swathes of us both working and learning from home. Because of this, many of us have experienced an internet connection that is a little slower than we would like.

Read on for our top pro tactics on how to squeeze every last ounce of internet speed out of your home broadband line.

Meeting Room of the future

Olivia Godbehere
20th March 2020 5 Min. Read

Its always something of an afterthought when it comes to technology in the meeting room.

However, if you think about it, meeting rooms in your office should be of high priority.

Why is this?