• Google Calendar
  • Google Calendar Adds Virtual Meeting For Hybrid Office Workers

    Author: Harvey Morton
    1 month ago 3 Minute Read

    The pandemic is slowly fading from the headlines and releasing its grip on the world as the dominant factor in daily life. Now, businesses of all shapes and sizes are beginning to transition away from the pure “work from home” models that most have been employing over the past year.

    Based on the early, emerging trends, it doesn’t seem like work-life will go back to the way it was before.

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 11: Coming Late 2021

    Author: Harvey Morton
    23rd July 2021 3 Minute Read

    Later this year, the Windows 10 era will officially come to an end with the release of Windows 11.

    The latest version of the OS promises a raft of new features that will offer a “Next Gen” experience.

    Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect to see in Windows 11 when it is rolled out:

    A Totally Redesigned Start Menu and Taskbar

  • Protect Your Mobile Phone Security
  • Your Pocket Sized Security Threat

    Author: Harvey Morton
    2nd July 2021 6 Minute Read

    You guessed it. We’re talking about phones.

    How many people in your business have a company-issued phone, or use their own to access company data like emails, client information, or documents? It’s probably a high number, right?

  • Latest Windows Update May Improve Your Webcam And Display
  • Latest Windows Update May Improve Your Webcam And Display

    Author: Harvey Morton
    20th April 2021 2 Minute Read

    It’s not often that people actually look forward to a Windows 10 update, but the upcoming 21H2 “Sun Valley” update may be the exception that proves the rule.

    With legions of people still working from home courtesy of the ongoing pandemic, this update promises to make both your camera and your monitor work better, in addition to offering a number of other tweaks.

  • What Is Clubhouse? - ESP Projects
  • What Is Clubhouse?: The New Social Media App

    Author: Harvey Morton
    4th March 2021 9 Minute Read

    With ‘audio-only’, social media app Clubhouse starting to hit the news after its launch one year ago, we take a look at exactly what it is and why you might consider using it.

    What Is It?

    Clubhouse is an invitation-only iPhone app where users can set-up their own (or join other users’) virtual public or private chat rooms.  Everything is live and in real-time and only a certain number of people are allowed to speak while others listen and have the opportunity to raise their hand (virtually) to ask to be allowed to speak.

  • How Our Time and Management System Can Transform Your Business

    Author: Harvey Morton
    4th February 2021 5 Minute Read

    Time and attendance management is a time-consuming process for businesses, especially when there are many other elements of running a business that requires attention. Despite this, there is a solution and that comes in the form of the Time and Attendance Management System from ESP Projects. So, if you feel as though it is time for your business to seek out a streamlined approach to time and attendance management then take a look at how our system can help you.