Mobile Deals

Many people contact us about iPhone, HTC, Android and other mobile phones. For some, they are thinking of buying a mobile deal for business, for others they have already bought them, but need them to be configured with the relevant settings for their email and calendars. We’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about these smartphones and what ESP Projects can do for you on this subject.

First off, did you know that ESP Projects can now arrange mobile deals for your business? Typically these allow you to pool your minutes and share them between multiple mobiles. Whether you are interested in Android, Windows Phone or iPhones, we have an independent mobile telephone advisor who can discuss your needs and advise on which phones are best for you! Contact ESP sales team for more info.

If you have decided on a smartphone, you may need to think about it will integrate with your existing IT system.  ESP Projects can talk you through what (if anything) is required to allow your phone to synchronise email, or calendar and contacts when outside the office. The cost of this type of synchronisation has come down significantly and is possible even if you dont have an in-house Exchange Server. For example, you can now rent mailboxes capable of doing this for as little as £2.80 per month, thanks to Hosted Exchange. Contact ESP Projects Sales for more information.