Texting From Outlook SMS

Have you ever wanted to text someone but haven’t had your mobile phone handy? Or needed to send information to staff who haven’t got access to the internet? Well now you can! Esendex is a new service that allows you to send text messages to mobile phones from Outlook va SMS ( Short Message Service).

There are three main pricing packages available from Esendex:

  • A Pay Monthly plan which starts at £16 for 200 texts – This includes a virtual mobile number so you can receive texts as well as send them.
  • A SMS Tracker plan wherein you only pay for what you use subject to a £10 per month minimum fee. The price is 8p per text – This also includes a virtual mobile number.
  • A bulk buy of anything up to 20,000 texts which remain valid for 12 months – This package doesn’t include a virtual mobile number.

Only a couple of hours of configuration by ESP is needed to enable this service.

If this sounds of interest and you want to know more, contact Tom or Andrew at sales@espprojects.co.uk.