Google for Nonprofits

Google for Nonprofits was launched recently in the UK (England and Wales only, apparently). The programme gives Registered Charities free access to 4 Google services:

  • Google Grants: Free AdWords advertising to promote your website on Google through keyword targeting.
  • YouTube for Nonprofits: Premium branding capabilities on YouTube channels, increased uploading capacity and more.
  • Google Earth Outreach Grants: Free licensing for Google Earth Pro and Maps API for Business.
  • Google Apps for Nonprofits: Free version of Google Apps for Nonprofits

In our opinion, whilst Google is to be commended for finally extending this scheme outside its original US base, there still remains something of a gap between its promise of a ‘hassle free, zero-support’ infrastructure and the realities of transitioning to and using Google services – and that’s without the lack of confidentiality for Gmail and their slightly troubling track record on tax avoidance.

However, we do appreciate that some do really like the features on offer, and – at a price that can’t be beat – this offer could be a real boon for the smaller charity. If you are interested in implementing this type of solution with support from ESP, then we can do it. Contact us for more info.