Kerio Operator Phone System

We have been looking to offer a fully-fledged Phone System to our clients for quite some time now, and after testing many of the different systems out there we’ve finally settled on one which we believe offers the best feature set and provides good value for money.

Based on the common “Asterisk” Phone System, “Kerio Operator” is very flexible; it can be used in conjunction with regular ISDN telephone lines, or can also facilitate calls over the internet (VOIP). An outline of some of the features of this phone system is included below: 

  • Flexible – The phone system can be extended to multiple offices including home and mobile users
  • Scalable – It can handle up to 150 simultaneous calls, lines permitting.
  • Choice of Phones – Kerio Operator is compatible many IP Phones and even has an app which can be installed onto an Android or iPhone.
  • Affordable –  The system is competitively priced, and offers licensing discounts to charities
  • Ideal for Teams/Departments – Operator has extensive features for handling call flows and queues to teams or departments

Whether you’re having issues with your existing phone system, are in need of a system which can be configured more according to your needs, or don’t have a phone system at all yet, we would be happy to advise.  Have a look at our Business Telecom Services or contact for more information.