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About You

If you’ve reached our site, then chances are, you work for a business or other type of organisation that is looking to improve IT Systems. If that’s you, you’ve come to the right place! Dotted around this page are things that you might experience with your current IT Solutions, Providers and Personnel. We aim to solve that for you by giving you a commitment to excellence. We’re committed to helping YOU with your IT, to take these headaches away!

IT problems you’re experiencing

Let’s start here by defining some of the problems you are likely to be experiencing if you’ve reached our site. The header image at the top of this page shows many of these and we can explore some of the causes here.

My computer crashes a lot. Often, these types of problems are created by incompatible software. However, our experience tells us that the primary cause is that you have no realistic ‘plan’ when it comes to IT. Replacing equipment in regular intervals will almost always erradicate this type of problem entirely. We call this an IT Roadmap. Talk to us to find out more.

Everything is slow. Again, the most likely cause of this is that you have no proper plan in place and so your equipment and services (such as internet connections) aren’t actually fit for the purpose you are expecting of them.

I can’t find the information I need. This one is more likely to be caused by bad planning of your systems. If your files and folders (and Database or Software) aren’t organised according to the way that the business actually operates, you’ll find that pesky word document difficult to locate. We can help! Just chat to us about this and we’ll be able to come up with a solution with you.

Our main software is always down. This one might need us to communicate with the provider of the main software on your behalf. If we can help, we will. If there’s no progress being made, we can provide you with a custom software application if you need it (we have our own team of developers).

Our WiFi is slow. This could be related to your internet connection (we can review this for you) or your network equipment. Either way, we can help you to review the options and implement something that will solve the problem.

We get loads of dodgy emails. This is generally a simple one to solve. We can help you to implement high-quality filters that will cut out 99% of the rubbish.

Software always needs updating. Again, a pretty simple one to solve really. Implementing a patch management solution, will make sure this always happens in the background and things stay upto date.

Nothing seems to work on Mondays. This old chestnut! It might seem that everything is always broken on Monday’s, but in reality, the day of the week won’t have anything to do with it. The problems have been left to fester for a few days and when you start to use things, they appear broken at that point. Proper investment in equipment (see points about roadmap above) will usually solve the problem. If it doesn’t though, we offer support on weekends too!

Our Internet is slow. This is a common thing that new customers report to us. You can refer to the WiFi point above, but again, we can review and resolve this problem with you, once you are working with us.

I can never print. This problem can sometimes be caused because your IT provider and Print / Copier provider refuse to talk. We’re not of that mindset. Put us in touch with the relevant party and we’ll work with them to get to the bottom of the problem. If we can’t, we can supply you with new print equipment where necessary.

Problems with your IT Provider

I have to repeat myself to every person. Ask us to put you through to the same person and we’ll do our best to do just that. Alternatively, our engineers will all have the same access to the same information as each other, so they should be able to see it on our system!

They’re not proactive enough. We spend a ton of our time trying to make sure things don’t break. This includes working with you to put in place plans that will improve your IT solutions and keep them running well over YEARS. We do this with our IT Roadmap.

They won’t talk to our other providers. It’s good to talk! Ask us to talk to your other providers and give them permission to talk to us, we’ll do the rest. All you need to do is ask! This is covered in our unlimited IT support contracts.

They don’t open until 9am. If you need access to helpdesk before 9am, we offer an early bird service starting from 7am. Talk to us about pricing (it’s not expensive!).

They fix one thing and break another. This is a common problem. Sometimes, those problems aren’t related, but we think that they are. Other times, they are related and proper testing of any solution would show this. We’ll work with you to try to make sure this never happens, we’ll even write up detailed guides to be passed between our engineers to prevent it happening!

Problems aren’t fixed permanently. With some agreements, it’s not in the IT provider’s interest to fix things once and for all. With our unlimited agreements, if you call us more times, it’s costing us more to resolve your problem. So it’s in both of our interests to make sure things are fixed forever!

One provider blames another. Of course they do, it’s human nature! But give us permission to talk directly to them (some providers require it in writing) and we’ll talk straight to them and take the problem away for you.

They never visit us. We will! We’ll start by visiting during your onboarding visits. After that, any problem that is going on for a while, we’ll visit site to resolve. All you have to do is ask! It’s included in your agreement with us!

It takes ages to get through. Our calls are answered at a rate of 98% within 30 seconds. We feel that’s a good level of service so that you never have to feel this way.

No one ever rings me back. This should never happen. If it does, when you’re onboard, tell us and we’ll give you a £10 amazon voucher each time!

We’re not compatible with our IT Provider

We think differently. We believe it’s our job to help you to think the same way that we do. Our account managers will do everything they can to make sure that we understand you and you understand us. We’ll help you to build up the right kind of budgets to make our companies align their thinking. We’ll never ask you to spend more than you can afford, but we will help you to understand the risks that are associated.

I don’t know if we’re secure. We’ll provide you with regular security reports that tell you whether you are secure and where improvements can be made. These reports are in traffic light format, so they are easy to understand.

They can’t talk to me on a level I understand. Our account managers are not techie people. They are people that have learned how tech impacts businesses. Their whole job revolves around you understanding what they are telling you. You won’t find this happens when talking to us. If you do have complicated problems that require tech-talk, we’ll offer you training to help you to understand.

I don’t understand our bills. We’ve simplified our regular IT bills that go out to customers. They are in 4 different categories; IT Support, IT Licensing, IT Security & IT Connections. This allows you to easily get to grips with what you are being billed for in each area. One-off projects will be agreed with you at quote stage, so you’ll always know what those are for as your account manager will walk you through the quote!

I don’t know what’s covered and what’s not. With our unlimited IT Support Contracts, we provide you with a simple document that tells you everything that’s covered (and some things that are not). You’ll receive this at the beginning of your relationship with us and you can refer to this at any time.

I don’t understand why they are quoting for something. You won’t get a quote out of the blue without asking for it or having a conversation to tell you why. We like to talk, pick up the phone to us and we’ll be only too happy to walk you through any quote that’s issued.

They’ll only talk to one member of our staff. We work with customers in all different ways. Some want us to communicate with an IT Contact, others want each member of staff to call us and deal with their own issues directly. Whichever style you want to work, we’ve got you covered. Just tell us how YOU want it to work, we’ll do the rest!

They never visit us. We will! We’ll start by visiting during your onboarding visits. After that, any problem that is going on for a while, we’ll visit site to resolve. All you have to do is ask! It’s included in your agreement with us!

It takes ages to get through. Our calls are answered at a rate of 98% within 30 seconds. We feel that’s a good level of service so that you never have to feel this way.

They don’t help us to plan. We’ll be doing this from day one. Our relationship with you will only work, if we plan things together. We’ll create you a roadmap that you can understand. You’ll receive regular traffic light reports that explain all of the things you need to do and when.


We hope this page has helped you to understand what we offer and how we are different from our competition. Our aim is to be the best value provider of IT Services in and around Sheffield. To do that, we have to be a little bit different!

Get in touch via our Contact Us page to tell us what you need.