The biggest Cyber-attacks of 2019 so far

Jordan Hackford
12th July 2019 3 Min. Read

Data breaches and cyber attacks are the new normal.

What can you, as a business owner, learn from some of the biggest companies that have had data breaches?

In this article, we will be outlining some of

The 3 most common email phishing techniques

Jordan Hackford
5th July 2019 5 Min. Read

We’re sure you’ll agree when we state that receiving scam & phishing emails are almost a daily occurrence in 2019.

No matter how good your IT system is, cybercriminals are always finding better ways to bypass IT security systems.

Cyber Security Breaches: Causes, Effects and Future Planning.

Taylor Currie
2nd May 2019 4 Min. Read

Early April, the annual ‘Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019’ was released by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. This shows that in the last year, 32% of businesses in the UK experienced cyber security breaches or attacks, hitting 2 out of every 10 charities across the country and seemingly targeting medium to large business and high-income charities.

Automated Patch Management from ESP

Graham Jones
15th January 2019 5 Min. Read

An Automated Patch Management solution will fully automate the patch management life-cycle for desktops, laptops and servers on a daily basis. Nowadays, even minor software bugs can lead to major headaches so the importance of implementing a regular patching schedule can’t be underestimated!