The Hidden Cost of Ageing IT Hardware on your Network

Tom Ward
26th September 2018 5 Min. Read

As network and working practices continue to develop, flex and become more fluid, time becomes our precious resource in the modern office. Staff managing large and important amounts of data across multiple sites/projects are often juggling many plates, and the requirement to reduce wasted activities is brought to the forefront. New devices can assist in reducing these challenges, but many businesses are hesitant to upgrade their core network and the end user devices. 

7 Tips for Successful Web Design Projects

Bradley Shaw
17th September 2018 8 Min. Read

We’ve been involved in hundreds of web projects over the years, and we’ve also helped to pick up the pieces when projects have gone wrong. Here are our 7 top tips for making sure your web project is a successful one…

Why should you secure your scaffold?

Jordan Hackford
7th August 2018 5 Min. Read

A scaffolding alarm system helps prevent theft of expensive equipment when workers are not on site, and also prevents unauthorized persons gaining access to buildings and roofs that would otherwise be inaccessible.

More Spam news, Threatening and Blackmail based extortion

Matthew James
2nd August 2018 7 Min. Read

There has been another upturn in spam activity, this time a slightly different track to our recent reports where the aim has been to harvest your log on details or infect machines with Malware, this latest round of spam takes a less technological track and flat out blackmail and/or threaten the recipient.

Office 365, Moving Beyond Email, Part 2 Additional Applications

Jordan Hackford
26th July 2018 8 Min. Read

Microsoft Office 365 is used by thousands of people worldwide, professionally and personally. However, a lot of the users only touch the tip of the iceberg when using Office 365. In this blog post, ESP Projects will walk you through some of the additional applications available, covering some of the best products in the software range.

Office 365, Moving Beyond Email, Part 1 File Storage and Sharing

Matthew James
24th July 2018 7 Min. Read

Office 365 offers far more than just an industry leading email platform. In this series of articles, we seek to investigate other offerings on the platform and how they can benefit you and your organisation, starting with perhaps what is the second biggest business use behind emails – File Storage and Sharing.