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Advice Barnsley is a partnership of independent organisations, each of whom provide information and advice to people living in Barnsley and the surrounding district. The project is an Advice Services Transition Fund project funded by the National Lottery through the BIG Lottery Fund.

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Accessible for Everyone

At ESP we specialise in accessible websites, providing access to information for everyone. Each of our websites features a range of accessibility features according to need. The Advice Barnsley site includes a high contrast option to make it especially accessible for users with impaired vision.

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Referral Area

One of the central ideas behind the Advice Barnsley website is the “No Wrong Door” approach. This means that if a site visitor contacts any of the participating agencies they are never told “sorry, you have contacted the wrong organisation”. To help make this work in practice, we created a user-friendly referral system, allowing the partner organisations to easily refer clients between themselves, monitor enquiry numbers and track progress.

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