Should Your Company Install the COVID-19 Tracing App?

Harvey Morton
7 days ago 5 Min. Read

With contact tracing finally taking hold, we are finally moving in the right direction in terms of reliable tracing app solutions for COVID-19. It is hoped that our tracing systems will soon line up with the efforts of countries such as South Korea, who are leading the way in successfully tracing the virus.

Many governments around the world are working on different tracing apps. Some are going with a decentralised approach, whereas others are building apps that will not disclose any personal information.

How to Use Zoom Securely

Harvey Morton
1 week ago 5 Min. Read

This period of lockdown and remote working has seen a boom in the usage of video conferencing software in order to collaborate with colleagues. The most popular of these platforms has been Zoom. However, there has been a fair bit of bad press around this particular conferencing platform in recent months.

The fast rise In Zoom’s popularity has outstripped its development team’s ability to keep the app secure. With several security vulnerabilities discovered, the team have been working hard to patch the problems.

Automated Patch Management from ESP

Graham Jones
15th January 2019 5 Min. Read

An Automated Patch Management solution will fully automate the patch management life-cycle for desktops, laptops and servers on a daily basis. Nowadays, even minor software bugs can lead to major headaches so the importance of implementing a regular patching schedule can’t be underestimated!