User Awareness Training

User Awareness Training Sheffield : Has your business protected itself from Human Error?

User Awareness Training Sheffield.  For many businesses in Sheffield and further afield, they think that the quickest and safest thing they can implement to protect their IT network is plain old Antivirus.  Whilst Antivirus is a necessity, in many cases, it’s not the main protection mechanism.  The biggest weakness in any IT Security plan is the Human’s that use it.   No matter how strong and well planned any system is, it is only as strong as its weakest link – and this is most often the people with the keys to it!

Increasingly the path to your data and systems is via social engineering against your staff, phishing, spear phishing, and numerous other schemes and scams that are laid against them in attempts to gain access by ‘bad actors’.

How does User Awareness Training Work?

Raising the awareness of different avenues utilized in gaining access to a system, forewarns and forearms your staff against such attacks, and what to do if they see the tell-tale marks of breach attempts, Malware, social engineering and such-like, once again helping your staff become a defense and your greatest asset.  This training can be delivered manually by an experienced professional on a regular basis OR you can implement a simple technical solution.  This solution provides users with a portal, stacked full of training videos that help them to understand where threats are coming from.  It also allows the administrator to create ‘pretend attacks’ (which mimic real world threats) and send them to the users.  If the user (or staff member) falls for the ‘attack’ then they are directed to a video (or series of videos) to help them get back on track and to understand where they went wrong.

How do I administer my User Awareness Training Portal?

The best thing you can do is appoint a professional to supply the licensing and configure the platform with the necessary setup steps.  Once implemented, the administration becomes much more simple, you simply choose which campaigns to test against your staff and then produce reports to see who passed and who failed!

How much does User Awareness Training Cost?

If you went for a manual training session with a professional, you should expect to pay upto £1000 per day of their time.  However, if you go for a User Awareness Platform, you would expect to pay in the region of £2 per user per month PLUS an amount to pay for the configuration upfront. This depends on the amount of users you have, but would likely be £1000 to £2000.  That might sound like it would cost more than the professional, but this is a truly one-off cost.  Once the platform is configured, you just pay your monthly subscription and your users are constantly tested and trained against the latest attacks.

How can I implement it?

If you would like ESP to help you to get this up and running in your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch via 0330 2020101 or via our Contact Us page.