IT Training Portal (videos)

Do you need to learn things about your IT Systems but have a lack of time? ESP now offers a simple video training solution that provides Microsoft 365, Teams, Outlook, Excel & Cyber Awareness training videos, in short (under 5 minute) videos. You can give access to all of your staff to ensure that everyone has the knowledge they need to work efficiently with these technologies!

There are over 800 videos in our easy to use Video Training Portal. Softer skills are also covered, things like customer care, selling skills and mental health wellbeing all have videos available too. The modules are short, up-to-date and to the point.

The system provides Just in Time learning, to make sure that you and your staff have the right information at the right time, in the right way.

The videos are being constantly added to and improved, so you’ll never stand still, once you have access to our platform.

Here’s what some customers said about the solution;

“Saved over £3000 in workshop delivery and travel expenses”.

“The high quality of the videos helps us encourage people to take the next step”.

“Our users are seeing great results”

“We implemented this online library of short videos as an alternative to some classroom training for Microsoft Office. The videos enable us to provide 24/7 support at a point of need to our learners. We are able to break down the learning process into easily digestible chunks which can be revisited as often as necessary to embed learning. This gives our staff exactly what they need at an affordable price”.

ESP IT Training Video Portal