Email Signature Software

Is your business losing time handling email signatures?

For many businesses in Sheffield and further afield, email signatures are low down on their list of priorities to get sorted.  However, you might be missing out by not resolving this as quickly as possible.  Perhaps you don’t realise it but it’s likely that your staff are wasting valuable minutes for every email that they write, typing in their own signature (we’ve seen it hundreds of times) or amending a signature that’s already there, each and every time they send an email!

Is your business losing money handling email sigatures?

For a start, time is money, so if your staff are wasting valuable minutes every single day, it mounts up.  Let’s for argument’s sake, say that you have 20 staff in your business.  If each of them is wasting just 10 minutes per day dealing with email signatures, that’s 200 minutes per day, 1000 minutes per week, 52000 minutes per year.  That’s over 866 hours per year lost just in email signatures.  Now lets convert that to money.  Even if we round down the minimum wage to £10 per hour and everyone in your business was only earning minimum wage, that’s nearly £9k of money wasted.  That money could be spent better elsewhere in your business, and we’re sure the time could too!

As well as the cost of time, your business might also be losing money in other ways, related to this.  For example, your branding isn’t being consistent.  What is the intangible impact of this?  Do customers spend less with you because of it?  That’s a simple thing to consider, but how about missed opportunities?  If everyone in your business had a piece of marketing content on every email that they sent out, perhaps relating to a new product or service that you deliver or even something you’ve done for a long time, but it hasn’t gained any traction, would you sell more products?  We think the answer is yes.

Is there a better way to handle email signatures?

Of course there is!  There are a number of products and services available that solve this problem for your organisation.  ESP work with a partner in this area to deliver an amazing product that takes email signatures from something that waste a lot of time in your business and turns them into something that creates opportunity.  The platform allows your IT partner (or in-house IT person) to build signatures centrally and apply them to everyone in your business.  It’s possible to create different signatures for different departments if that’s what you want.  They are very simple to change and update.  You could even change your marketing message every month, week or even every day, it’s really that simple.  You make a change and within just a few minutes, everyone in your business is using the new signature.  No user interaction is required, so you don’t have to rely on staff ‘turning’ the new signature on.  You simply make the change and tell it to apply to everyone, hey presto, 5 minutes later, any email sent by your business contains the new signature, new branding, new set of products or whatever it is you need to deliver.

How do I get it?

Simple, give us a call on 03302020118 or use our contact us page to get in touch for a quote.  You can also use the LiveChat function, directly from our website.