Construction Site Security

ESP Projects is one of the leading providers of construction site security in South Yorkshire.  We offer a comprehensive range of construction security solutions and we are able to meet the varying requirements of our customers in the construction industry.

We are aware, that serious theft and vandalism can result in long delays and disruption and so we work with you to make sure that you have adequate systems in place to make sure that doesn’t happen on your construction site.

The Different Types of Construction Site Security

Our range of site security products means that the Project or Site Manager can rest easy in the knowledge that should anything go wrong, they will be automatically alerted by our Internet-connected construction alarms and construction CCTV systems.  All manner of different sensors can be fitted to ensure that opportunistic intruders don’t get an easy ride!  Laser beams, PIRs and Tremble detection hardware can all be wired to ensure that your site security is completely covered!

ESP Projects Construction Site Security Services

Because your site is likely to be both attended AND unattended, depending on the time of day, our Construction site security offering brings together many of the other services that you can find on our website such as access control (construction site access control), CCTV (construction site CCTV) & Business Alarms (construction site alarms) into one service that we can offer to Construction sites and workers.

Our connections into 24 hour, manned security monitoring stations, means that someone is always on hand to keep an eye on your site and to notify the relevant people, in the event of a breach of security.

We are also able to install battery only powered alarm and video systems to ensure that, even when you don’t have power, your site security doesn’t have to be second rate.

We also offer Scaffolding Alarms, JCB security and other plant equipment security solutions.  Contact Us to find out more about JCB and Plant Equipment Security or if you are ready to talk about building site alarms, call on 0330 2020118 to arrange an assessment or quotation.