Cloud Backup Sheffield

Cloud Backup Sheffield : Has your business got a proper backup solution in place?

Cloud Backup Sheffield.  For many businesses in Sheffield and further afield, backup solutions are a mystery.  Whilst you understand broadly what backup is, and why you need it, you won’t necessarily understand any of the technology that’s involved in setting up backup and making sure it continues to work properly.  Our Cloud Backup service backs up all of your emails, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint files to a separate platform, providing essential redundancy for all of your Office 365 Data.

How does cloud backup work?

On a daily (usually nightly) basis, full backups of the data stored on your Office 365 tenant – emails, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams and all, are copied over to a separate, cloud-based platform.   Our solution ensures that all of the data that we backup is kept on UK soil at all times, there’s no need to worry that it’s been transferred all over the globe, like some solutions.  There is a common misconception that Microsoft takes care of all required backups, but that’s simply not true. Whilst Microsoft office 365 does allow a little disaster recovery and some redundancy of systems, as they are all stored on the same platform it does not fully protect against platform failure, or malicious deletion of data by staff.  Staff removing data is the most common form of data loss, either by accidental deletion or malicious behaviour.

How do I use the cloud backup?

The simple answer is usually that you don’t.  The provider of the backup solution will connect it to your systems and provide you with a report showing that your backup has been successful each day.  As long as it’s successful, you shouldn’t need to worry too much.  It is best practice though to ask for ‘test restores’ of your data every so often, to ensure that, in the event of a disaster, you would be able to recover your data.

How much does cloud backup cost? – Cloud Backup Sheffield

Depending on what data & how much data you are trying to protect, there is no straightforward answer to this question, but if you are simply backing up your Microsoft 365 environment and want to cover everything in it, then usually the cost is delivered on a per-user-per month basis.  Depending on the number of users in your Microsoft 365 environment, the cost usually begins at around £3-£4 per user per month and would reduce as you add more users into the environment.

How can I implement Cloud backup?

If you would like ESP to assist you with getting your cloud backup solution up and running, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our Contact Us page or give us a call on 03302020118 and one of our helpful staff will be more than willing to talk you through the next steps.