Talk Talk Hack – What you need to know

Whilst ESP has very little to do with Talk Talk at a business level, we are providing this information for the many concerned home users.  Potentially ALL Talk Talk users data may have been breached.

Talk Talk has announced that potentially all of their user’s data has been breached following a  DDoS attack (allegedly by a ‘Russian Jihadi group’) that took the Talk Talk website down on Wednesday.  There is a chance that the following customer data, not all of which was encrypted, has been accessed:

  • Names and addresses
  • Dates of birth
  • Email addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Talk Talk account information
  • Credit card and bank details

What should Talk Talk customers do?:

  1. Change your Talk Talk password as soon as the facility is back on their website, sometime on Friday we are led to believe: Keep checking this link, which is currently not working properly:
  1. Beware of scams: TalkTalk will be emailing customers but they will not call or email customers asking for bank details or for you to download software to your computer, or send emails asking for you to provide your password
  1. This is a reminder not to use the same password on multiple accounts. If you use the same password with Talk Talk on other services then change those other passwords immediately.

This is especially the case with email passwords (Gmail, Hotmail etc.) – if you use a browser to store your password and you use the same passwords across these services then flush the passwords from your browser as follows:

Internet Explorer and Google Chrome: hold Ctrl + Shift + Del. To be thorough just tick all the checkboxes (in Chrome choose ‘from the beginning of time rather than just the last hour).  At the bottom of the form click clear browsing data.

To clear Firefox passwords:

  1. Open Firefox
  2. Click Tools and then Options
  3. Within the Options window click the Privacy button and click the Clear button on the “Saved Passwords”.

To clear Opera/Wand saved passwords

  1. Open Opera
  2. Click File and then Preferences
  3. Within the Preferences window click the Security option and then theManage Wand passwords  Within the Server Manager window you can customise your saved passwords.

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Source: Talk Talk announcement