ESP Projects & ISP – Savings on Superfast Broadband

ESP Projects has teamed up with a leading Digital Region ISP to bring you an amazing offer on ‘superfast’ broadband! South Yorkshire based Not-for-Profit organisations can now enjoy huge discounts on this ‘next generation’ broadband service, which is NOW LIVE IN MANY AREAS and running at speeds of up to 40Mb/s down and 10Mb/s up (subject to availability). By purchasing through ESP, one of the fastest internet services in the country is now on offer to small and medium sized third sector organisations for roughly the same price as standard business ADSL. That’s less than £40 per month!!

With this type of connection, you can:

  • Bring superfast internet access to your employees and volunteers
  • Create faster links between your offices for better multi-site solutions
  • Make improvements in ‘remote access’ for people working at home or peripatetically
  • Explore the potential of video conferencing for a fraction of the previous cost
  • Start using VOIP telephony to save money on phone calls
  • Host your own web-based services such as WIFI for the local community

The potential of Digital Region is enormous. The service is live in many areas and several high profile organisations are using it. What’s more, thanks to this special arrangement, it is more affordable than ever! Why not get in touch with Andrew or Morgan today to find out more. We are available on 0845 4657229, or contact us here.