Save Money on Printing!

Everybody in these days of cutbacks is very cost-sensitive and has to make savings wherever possible. One area where there might be a false economy though is in cheap toner for laser printers.

We’ve recently noticed a spate of low-price ‘refill’ toners resulting in very poor quality print and worse actually leaking into the printer, causing irreparable damage. The experience won’t the same for everyone of course, but we can say that you just don’t get these problems with the manufacturers own toner cartridges.

There is an easier way to save money on printing, and that’s to adjust the print quality for the prints you make.

Adjusting your printer to use ‘economy’ or ‘draft’ settings can make a huge difference to the amount of toner it uses. Instructions vary between different makes and models of printers, but generally, when you print a document there will be an option for ‘Printer Properties’. Click this, and you should get a dialogue box with various different quality settings. Have a look there to see if you can adjust your print quality.