• Foxit PDF Reader

    Author: ESP Projects
    4th June 2008 3 Minute Read

    Over the years, the popularity of the Portable Document Format (PDF) has increased hugely. This once obscure little extension is now so ubiquitous that customers have come to expect that a PC ‘comes with’ Acrobat reader – Adobe’s free PDF reader. For those who have not fully come to terms with PDF, the principle is easy to grasp: most common software – such as Microsoft Word – will save a file using a proprietary format, in this case the .doc format. This in effect means that only people with Microsoft Word can open that document – which clearly excludes some people from reading it at all.

  • Improve Your Productivity

    Author: ESP Projects
    1st May 2008 1 Minute Read

    Improving Productivity Through Technology – Opportunities for the Voluntary and Community Sector, 10th June, London

    NCVO and Microsoft UK are hosting an interactive conference combining case studies, workshops and keynote speakers to explore the potential of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) for small and medium sized charities.

    Understanding that complexity, resources and finances can hold technology development back, Microsoft and NCVO aim to introduce you to ways of accessing the latest technology through the help of a special donations scheme, enabling your organisation to achieve more. The conference will include case studies from charitable organisations that demonstrate how they are already reaping the benefits from using the latest technology. The event will close with an informative session on ICT funding and how you can access technology donations through Microsoft UK.

  • ESP Projects By Numbers

    Author: ESP Projects
    1st May 2008 1 Minute Read

    0 – the number of clients who have cancelled their contract with us because of service issues

    Number 1 – ESP aims to be the best ICT Support provider in South Yorkshire!

    2 – it takes about two years of training, hard work and experience for a trainee at ESP to become a Network Engineer

  • National Recognition

    Author: ESP Projects
    1st May 2008 2 Minute Read

    Over the years, ESP Projects has grown into one of – if not the – largest ICT Social Enterprises in the UK. Indeed, thanks to networking events arranged through the ICT Hub, Circuit Riders and the various Regional ICT Champions, we have forged links with similar organisations and projects throughout the country. From Cumbria to Brighton, Cambridgeshire to Manchester, ESP Projects is attracting interest as a model for delivering ethically responsible but financially sustainable ICT services to charities and not-for-profit organisations. So much so that we are currently engaged in a system of exchange visits where we can share our Best Practise tips and tricks and learn from the experience of other providers too.