Office 2010 Review – ESP Projects Position

It was, at first, hard to think of a reason to write about a new version of the global workhorse and workplace essential that is Microsoft Office but with Office2010 it must be said that the giant-on-the-block is truly developing into the go-everywhere suite of applications.  Using the application and its other web-supported features at ESP, it has been interesting to see how much this new version develops and extends previous versions while also assisting some new ways of working.

With the addition of a host of new technologies to support users in and out of the office, this version of Office is consolidating its position as a suite of applications that truly communicate with the internet and serve today’s increasingly ‘connected’ user. It seems that several Microsoft technologies are coming-of-age at exactly the same time that new ways of working are becoming firmly embedded.

ESP Projects is trialling the suite now and learning about how easy (or not!) it is to use and deploy.  By doing this, ESP Projects will further understand the benefits that it can offer our clients’ in the office and on the move.  We understand that many of our customers are interested in upgrading to the system so expect further announcements soon.  First, though, ESP Projects will ensure that we fully understand the benefits of the suite. ESP Projects prides itself on recommending and supporting mature technologies that suit our customers and can increase their efficiency rather than hinder it.

For more information about Office2010 and how it can benefit you contact our sales team.