No Charity Left Behind: The Need for a Digital Third Sector

Tech Trust has this week released a new white paper aimed at illuminating the fact that many charities have no sort of Digital Strategy in place.

What is it About?

The whitepaper provides lots of statistics that Tech Trust have generated during the creation of the whitepaper.  The whitepaper is titled “No charity left behind: the need for a digital third sector” and provides information and trends surrounding the information it gathered between September and October 2017.

The whitepaper includes information from a broad spectrum of charities, from the large, right down to micro-charities.  It also covers a broad range of working areas for those charities such as health, housing and education to youth, cultural and religious activities.  The responses are supplied from a range of different levels of staff within those charities too, so the report essentially covers as many different types of charities and staff as possible.

The Findings

Alarmingly, 58% of charities that responded to the survey reported that they had “no defined digital strategy”.  Encouragingly though, of those charities that did have a digital strategy in place, 92% said that they expected to increase their measurable impact in 2018.

A large number of respondents acknowledged that they needed “a better understanding of technology” but 73% of charities said that they had no plans to provide digital training.  Essentially, those charities are admitting that they have a problem, but have no plans to do anything about it!

How ESP Projects can help

If your charity is one of those respondents that doesn’t have a digital strategy in place, why not contact one of our consultants for a free review of your current IT systems & discuss with them how you might improve your strategy in order to make better use of technology.  ESP Projects provides IT Support, Web Design and Charity Branding services to all organisations within the third sector.  You can also lookup our historical Digital Marketing for Charities blogpost here .