Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the new browser coming bundled with Windows 10, being very similar to internet explorer but with new and improved features. Microsoft Edge now uses an extension system, much like rival Internet browsers Firefox and Chrome. It is now streamlined to be much faster than internet explorer.

Because this new browser has been completely rebuilt in a new engine, this browser no longer supports plug-ins such as active x. Internet Explorer is not being gotten rid of entirely. It will still exist as there will be a need for compatibility with older technology.

Edge integrates with the Cortana Digital Assistant to provide voice control, search, and personalised info to users.

Another of Microsoft edges features is that you can annotate web pages. These annotations are stored on OneDrive and can be used with other users. There is a “Reading List” function that syncs content between devices and a “Reading Mode” that strips out formatting to allow easier reading on devices.

Whilst edge is seeing to be newer and faster browser overall, it is seeming to be quite problematic with some websites and causing some features to not work.  While we don’t recommend upgrading yet, if you do happen to upgrade, internet explorer will come packaged with the operating system to as an alternative to Edge for legacy support