IT Volunteers

iT4C has been sponsored by the Nominet Trust to pilot a mentoring programme. iT4C has volunteers who have an IT qualification but are not currently employed. The volunteers are supported by an experienced IT professional as their mentor to help them complete an IT project for you. Do you or an organisation you know have a project that needs them?

iT4C is looking for website work, database work, some strategy or research projects that are going to help your organisation do what it does even better with good technology to assist. Would you be happy to work with a less experienced volunteer in this supported way? There will be the chance to network with others who are joining in, get access to wider advice and support from all the programme participants and via free advice and guidance seminars. If you think you have a project that is right for a less experienced but qualified volunteer then please email the following details to iT4C at :

  • A paragraph about your organisation, address & contact details
  • A short paragraph about the project/s you have in mind
  • Confirmation that there would be someone within your organisation who could give 2 hours a week to manage your volunteer project from Nov ’09-May 2010

For more information about the project please see: