Essential Web 2.0


What is it? A huge selection of handy tools and services which you can sign into from any internet-enabled computer.
What does it do? What doesn’t it do? Make and share calendars with colleagues; check email from anywhere; create, save, store & share documents to anyone from anywhere to name but a few of the services.

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What is it? Extremely popular video sharing website.
What does it do? Allows you to upload and share videos that you can take on any digital camera including mobile phones. Once uploaded you can easily embed the videos in your own website for visitors to watch. Myriad uses to promote your organisation, and all for free.
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HighRise CRM

What is it? It’s a web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System, available either free or by way of a very low-cost subscription.
What does it do? Allows you to track and manage your contacts, and keep a history of the work you have done with them. It also allows you to create, assign or reassign tasks amongst members of staff with follow-ups and reminders sent to email or text message. Because it is web-based and designed for many people to work on at the same time, its ideal if your organisation works across multiple sites/offices or uses staff that work from laptops.
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What is it? Free online newsletter creation service
What does it do? Allows you to log in and create your own newsletters or magazines, even publish them as a website. The easy to use interface allows you to upload pictures from your computer and incorporate them into a choice of designs as well as add your own text and headlines etc. Click-thru’s link straight to high-quality printing options.


What is it? Store, backup or share your files via this online provider.
What does it do? You start by downloading a small application which runs on your PC. Once done, you can select any files to link to your Dropbox account. Dropbox then takes a copy of these (which is effectively a backup). You can share these files with other Dropbox users, or install Dropbox on other computers you have access to, to synchronise files between them. Perfect for those who need to collaborate with people who aren’t in the same office. For those who work on different computers, it’s much easier than emailing files to and fro and safer than transporting them around on a memory stick!
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What is it? Amazingly powerful tool for making & editing pictures without the expense of Photoshop
What does it do? It allows you to make or mess around with images, just like Photoshop. Start from a blank canvas or upload stuff from your computer. Saves back to your computer or into an online storage account.
How do I find out more? Just start playing with it!