ESP Projects By Numbers

0 – the number of clients who have cancelled their contract with us because of service issues

Number 1 – ESP aims to be the best ICT Support provider in South Yorkshire!

2 – it takes about two years of training, hard work and experience for a trainee at ESP to become a Network Engineer

34 – MD Morgan Killick’s age! (A frequently asked question, thanks to the number of Grey hairs he has!)

5 – the number of websites we are developing for clients at the moment!

6 – ESP’s age at our next birthday on 18th June 2008

7 – the number of community organisations with shares in ESP, all of whom will get a share of the profit we make

89% – Average customer satisfaction based on 2007 customer survey results

And finally, 10 is for the staff – we have ten staff working for ESP, but look out for more in the year ahead…