Define: Blogging

A few years ago ‘blogging’ became the greatest thing since sliced bread. For those afraid to ask, what happened was that countless thousands of otherwise unconnected amateur journalists discovered that they could post their comments and opinion about anything and everything on the internet with ease. The interesting thing here is that these web logs (i.e. ‘blogs) could – and now frequently do – carry equal validity, respect and even be as popular as mainstream media. It is not uncommon now for professional journalists to monitor the ‘blogosphere’ as a primary source of newsworthy material.

In recent times, and thanks to innovations in social media technologies, you no longer need a spend several £million on a printing press and a distribution network when you can circulate your thoughts to just as many people by spending half an hour on a free blogging website such as WordPress and linking this to the rest of the world via a bunch of mates on Facebook!

Which brings us to micro-blogging. Despite the fact that ones blogged thoughts can be instantly available to readers across the globe, this has been deemed to slow and cumbersome a process for some. After all, you still need to write your blog in the first place! Micro-blogging, therefore, allows you to share snippets of information of less than 160 characters (like a text message) to your legions of adoring fans! Sign up to Twitter to test it out!