Are your organisation’s signatures important to you? 

In a recent post about security, I mentioned about setting up signature control software for an organisation in Sheffield, it wasn’t the core point of the article, more the introduction to a rambling discussion on security awareness of staff, but it also raised another question – What is signature control software? Other questions answered by this blog-post are; How do I set up my business email signature? How do I set up my email signature?

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But before I answer those questions. Let’s ask a few more: 

Are your organisations email signatures important to you? And if they are, how do you currently ensure that they are correct? 

In days gone past, when most of the communications was still via pen and paper. The signature was a simple item, your name. usually in a flamboyant style, showcasing your personality, ensuring that people knew who the letter was penned by and their ability with a pen. In business this was often supported by organisations headed paper, providing an air of professionalism and trustworthiness, even authority. 

As we have traversed away from the pen and more towards email being the DeFacto means of communication, the signature has more often than not continued to convey who the communication was written by, what organisation it has come from, and tried to communicate that organisations skills or authority in certain areas, along with different contact methods, such as phone numbers, addresses et al. 

The problem arises in how signatures are applied. And the issues multiply as the number of users grows. You see, signatures are kept and applied in whatever email program you are using at the time, and there is no in-built method of ensuring that all email programs are applying the same signature, or that the information in there is up to date. You are reliant on the end user applying any changes required. Are all contact details, correct? Has a phone number changed? Somebodies job title changed? Implementing a new service, you want conveyed in every email, or has your organisation obtained some accreditation of which you are justifiably proud? Well to update that information in your signatures you often have a bit of a slog making sure that everyone changes all their signatures in a timely manner, and that they apply the changes accurately. 

This really is a great shame, after all, signatures go out with every email your organisation sends. They are probably one of the most seen items of your organisations image and message! Shouldn’t you be able to make sure they look exactly how you want? That the information in them is up to date and accurate? Shouldn’t you be able to reflect current marketing needs easily and take advantage of this prolific space in front of your partners, suppliers and customers? 

Enter Signature control, software that helps organisations manage email signatures efficiently. ensuring that they are consistent across all employees, departments, and locations. There are many benefits in taking control over your signatures, including, but not limited to: 

Consistent Branding: Branding is a crucial aspect of any business, and consistency is key when it comes to branding. Signature control software ensures that all email signatures are consistent and comply with brand guidelines. This helps to reinforce brand recognition and consistency, which is essential in creating a strong brand image. 

Timesaving: Manually creating and managing email signatures for multiple employees can be time-consuming and tedious. Signature control software like Exclaimer eliminates the need for manual input, allowing businesses to save time and allocate resources elsewhere. 

Professional Appearance: Email signatures reflect a business’s professionalism. Signature control software ensures that all email signatures have a professional appearance, which can help to improve the business’s credibility. 

Compliance: In some industries, it is necessary to comply with certain regulations when sending emails. Signature control software can help businesses ensure that their email signatures comply with industry-specific regulations, thus avoiding any legal issues. 

Personalization: Signature control software provides businesses with the flexibility to personalize email signatures for different departments, employees, and locations. This helps to create a personalized touch, which can be especially useful in building relationships with clients and customers. 

Analytics: Signature control software often includes analytics that can provide businesses with insights into the performance of their email signatures. This data can be used to improve the effectiveness of email signatures, as well as to make informed decisions about future email campaigns. 

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Without a platform to help you control signatures correctly, you are missing out on so many opportunities to showcase your organisation in a professional manner and preventing yourselves from being able to make quick changes to reflect any timely requirements. 

I believe that taking control over the humble signature with its huge visibility is a requirement for all organisations, and if you want to talk about how to do so, then please just get in touch! We can help put you back in control of this most prolific space in your emails.