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Email best practices.

Matthew James
2nd July 2018 7 Min. Read

One of the weakest points in any security system, whether it be an IT system, or other system, is usually the human operators of that system. There is a whole subset of “hacking Techniques” dubbed “social engineering” where the goal is not to find weaknesses in the technological level of the system, it is to glean information from the end users to enable increased access, or to trick the end user into performing some task on their behalf, we have covered a couple of the methods used here and there.

Phishing for Office 365 logon details

Matthew James
2nd July 2018 5 Min. Read

Over the last week or so we have noticed an increase in Phishing Emails designed to illicit the Office 365 account details from unsuspecting end users. Unfortunately we have seen a couple of end users fall for these and have allowed access to their email system to an outside agent. with these details the Phisher can do anything that you would be able to do with your emails.

Vulnerability found in WPA2 Wifi Encryption

Matthew James
17th October 2017 7 Min. Read

A recent discovery of a flaw in WPA2 encryption means that no wifi network is completely secure.


  1. WPA2 – Previously the only widely available wireless encryption protocol to not be hacked has been exploited
  2. The hack is not device specific
  3. Fixes are being released, and updates should plug this security hole.
  4. ESP is proactively pushing updates to hardware as they become available

A Fuller rendition:-

As widely published in the popular press, Monday 16th October saw the announcement of a flaw and proof of exploit on WPA2 Wifi networks. The original source for this was https://www.krackattacks.com of particular interest to you may be the FAQ section, I have copied a selection of the most relevant questions for our clients at the bottom of the page below.