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Do I need to backup in Office 365?

James Greaves
28th March 2018 4 Min. Read

I have Office 365, do I still need to backup?

Office 365 has become more and more popular over the past couple of years and is now used in businesses all over the world. It has become increasingly beneficial to many users improving productivity, reducing costs for hardware and allowing users to access data wherever they might be.

Due to the data being in the cloud users are led to believe that there is no need to do Office 365 backups. Microsoft do have measures in place to backup and replicate data at their end but basically this is only a simple form of backup and does not actually protect you from human error such as accidental deletion or an employee maliciously deleting data.

Spam Emails – Delivery & Parcel Tracking

James Greaves
28th September 2016 4 Min. Read

We have all been there haven’t we, happily working along and then ding, Outlook flashes up a notification about that parcel you ordered and that you can track it now… But hang on, did I order a parcel, am I expecting a notification from DHL or the Royal Mail to let me know where it is?