Talk Talk Hack – What you need to know

Whilst ESP has very little to do with Talk Talk at a business level, we are providing this information for the many concerned home users.  Potentially ALL Talk Talk users data may have been breached.

Talk Talk have announced that potentially all of their users data has been breached following a  DDoS attack (allegedly by a ‘Russian Jihadi group’) that took the Talk Talk website down on Wednesday.  There is a chance that the following customer data, not all of which was encrypted, has been accessed:

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the new browser coming bundled with Windows 10, being very similar to internet explorer but with new and improved features. Microsoft Edge now uses an extension system, much like rival internet browsers Firefox and Chrome. It is now streamlined to be much faster than internet explorer.

Because this new browser has been completely rebuilt in a new engine, this browser no longer supports plug-ins such as active x. Internet Explorer is not being gotten rid of entirely. It will still exist as there will be a need for compatibility with older technology.

Action Centre


All the former Charms functions are contained in a new Notifications panel, called Action Center. When you launch Action Center, a full-height bar appears on the right of the screen – it’s designed to match the Notifications setup in Windows Phone. Most of these functions are standard to us from iOS and Android; features such as toggling Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Location on and off, but it’s great to have.



What is Cortana?

Cortana is your clever new personal assistant. Cortana will help you find things on your PC, manage your calendar, track packages, find files, chat with you and tell jokes. The more you use Cortana, the more personalised your experience will be. To get started, type a question in the search box on the taskbar. Or select the microphone icon and talk to Cortana. (Typing works for all types of PCs, but you need a mic to talk.)

Windows 10 Continuum

Window IMG

For years, Microsoft has put the Windows name on phones because it’s a familiar brand, but with Windows 10, it’s also the name of the operating system you get on the phone. Most of the time it doesn’t look like Windows 10, because the interface that looks right on a notebook or large tablet is hard to see on a small screen.

But because Windows 10 for Phones is the same operating system core (Microsoft even calls it OneCore), you can plug in a keyboard or a mouse and even a screen to your phone – and when you do, the same Continuum experience that switches a notebook into tablet mode switches the phone into PC mode.

Windows Hello

Windows Hello

Your Finger or Your Face?

Microsoft have released Windows 10 and within it is a feature called Windows Hello, this is biometric authentication which can provide instant access to your Windows 10 Devices (Windows Hello requires specialized hardware, including fingerprint reader, illuminated IR sensor or other biometric sensors). With Windows Hello, you’ll be able to just show your face, or touch your finger, to new devices running Windows 10 and be immediately recognized.  And not only is Windows Hello more convenient than typing a password—it’s more secure!  Our system enables you to authenticate applications, enterprise content, and even certain online experiences without a password being stored on your device or in a network server at all.

ESP UK Based Hosted Backup Service

Why use hosted backup?

Backup is one of the most important elements of any IT network and ensuring that this procedure is completed regularly, reliably and securely is constantly under review.

In many situations, swapping hard drives or simply remembering to complete this process on a daily basis is not feasible, i.e. access to the comms room is not readily accessible, staff are not in on certain days etc.

Home PC repair

ESP Projects has always provided IT support for small businesses, but has never been involved in repairing home PCs and laptops. This all changed recently. We are now in a position where we can repair home PCs & laptops in our workshop via our sister company – ESP At Home Limited. If you are interested in this service, contact our sales team on 08454657229 option 1 or

Web team update

The web team at ESP have again been busy over the last few months, lots of new sites have been launched and some existing ones have been updated as well as some case studies being added to our site here . The team have also been working on a number of CAB and ASTF websites and there are a few recent examples below – check them out!