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TAMS – Time Management System Sheffield

TAMS – Time and Attendance Management System from ESP Projects on Vimeo.

Take the ‘work’ out of Timesheet processes with ESP’s simple-yet-powerful time management software. Streamline your payroll with accurate clock-in and attendance info all just a click away.

TAMS (Time and Attendance Management System) is a useful online tool to designed to streamline your payroll process. It captures your site clock-in and attendance information and allows you to export all payroll information accurately, saving you time and money!

  • Makes payroll discrepancies a thing of the past with accurate clock-in information.
  • Streamline your processes whilst providing a secure means to monitor your staff’s working hours.
  • Monitor overtime and keep your staff in the loop by emailing both scheduled and authorised work hours.
  • TAMS is accessible via a browser on any web enabled device, including mobile devices.
  • It’s user friendly, with dashboards to provide at-a-glance info.
  • Offers a useful clock-in tool for site staff or can be integrated with your existing on-site clock-in system.
  • Flexible cost plans, billed either monthly or annually.
  • Hosted and Supported by ESP Projects.


ESP’s TAMS system uses simple dashboards to provide at-a-glance information. Headline clock-in ‘stats’ will ensure you keep on top of your Payroll requirements. Track time sheet submissions and follow-up on missing information from multiple sites.

Timesheet Management

Build new time sheets with scheduled hours for individual staff at specific sites. Duplicate previous weekly rotas to save time.


A simple clock-in/clock-out system makes it easy for your team to record their working hours whether in the office or remotely. TAMS can also be integrated with your existing physical access control system(s) such as Paxton.

Pay Bands

Apply multiple pay bands with their own wage rates and allocate to staff. You can specify overtime criteria.

User Management

TAMS offers the ability to add multiple sites and multiple user profiles to manage data. Permissions can also be set to restrict access to key data.

Integrate with existing Systems

Save on admin time by automatically exporting to your preferred Payroll system.

Set-up of TAMS couldn’t be easier. We will discuss your payroll process requirements and can advise on the best set-up for your organisation. It’s completely scalable and can be set-up at a single location or multiple sites with multiple users.

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