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Security Terms and Conditions


In these Terms and Conditions ESP Projects Ltd will be known as ‘ESP’

‘The equipment’ means any component of any alarm system, light system, camera system, access control system, & any other equipment let out on hire.

‘The Hirer’ means any company, organisation, person, or other entity that instructs ESP to supply or fit ‘the equipment’ whether oral or in writing.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Any lost or damaged equipment will incur a replacement charge and will be subject to additional labour charges, should labour be required.
  2. The hire period begins and ends as stated in the quotation and then furthermore, on the invoice.  The hire period will be printed on the first invoice and ESP will assume that The Hirer, wishes to extend this agreement perpetually, on the same terms, until otherwise advised by The Hirer.
  3. Equipment must not be interfered with, and should this be ignored, ESP reserves the right to apply a call out charge to resolve any problems.
  4. A clear path should be kept between the detection devices and no obstacles should be placed in this path, as this will prevent the detection devices, and therefore any alarm / CCTV system from working.
  5. Additional cost may be incurred if work is required outside normal working hours.
  6. Abortive site visits (i.e. entry refused or site not ready etc) will incur call out charges.
  7. Installation and removal charges are based on one uninterrupted visit to a standard 5 board wide scaffold.  An extra charge is payable per additional visit.
  8. The hirer shall be responsible for loss or damage to ’the equipment’  however caused  and shall reimburse ESP in respect of equipment lost, stolen, or damaged to the full current catalogue price less 20%.
  9. ESP will make every effort to deliver, fit, reconfigure, or remove ‘the equipment’ on the agreed date and time, but will not be held responsible for any loss or consequential loss due to the failure to keep to the preferred date and time.
  10. ESP cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to buildings or third party property in the event that the security equipment fails to function for any reason whatsoever.
  11. It is the responsibility of The Hirer to inform the company that the equipment is to be removed.
  12. The hirer must give ESP a minimum of 24 hours notice to remove the equipment.
  13. Any hirer placing an order either oral or written will be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions on behalf of themselves or on behalf of their company.

Payment Terms      

  1. Invoices are issued on completion of installation or removal work. Payment falls due 30 Days after the date of this invoice
  2. No part months will be refunded, in the event that The Hirer decides to return equipment part way through a month, except if ESP explicitly permits it
  3. In the event that invoices fall more than 45 past invoice issue date, ESP reserves the right to visit site and remove our equipment
  4. ESP furthermore reserves the right to change these Payment Terms wherever it sees fit and for whatever reason

Call out charges

  1. £75 for the first hour or part hour, and £75 per hour or part hour thereafter.
  2. £85 per hour or part hour for calls between 6pm and 7am Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.
  3. £75 per hour or part hour for each additional engineer.

Competitive terms

  1. ESP commits to beating any genuine like-for-like quotation by 10% on any frequently provided product or service in it’s security range
  2. Furthermore, ESP offers a 10% discount to customer who haven’t previously used our services and quoting NEWWEBCUSTOMER