What is Antivirus?

Antivirus is a piece of software that needs installing on every PC, Laptop, Tablet & Server in your organization.  There is also an argument to install it onto mobile phones.  It is designed to detect and remove viruses and other kinds of malicious software from the devices that it is installed on.  It is also used to remove computer viruses where machines have already been infected.

Malicious software (or Malware) is code that can harm your devices and can also damage the data stored on those devices (or connected network devices).

How does Antivirus work?

Antivirus software works in the background on your device to detect, quarantine and delete malicious items that it discovers.  It will automatically update itself by contacting the Vendor (the maker of the software) for updates, meaning it’s constantly ‘learning’ about newly released malicious software.  These updates are known as “definition updates”.

What are the business benefits of Antivirus?


The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) state that an organization must have Antivirus software in place on all their devices.  In the event of a data breach, this would be considered negligent if you didn’t have it.  There are many other governing bodies that insist on Antivirus being in use, contact the regulator in your own industry for more information about their compliance requirements.  For example, the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Time Saved

Without Antivirus Software, you would be VERY likely to have infected machines within your organisation.  A lot of time would be wasted cleaning up the problems and you may even lose data and need to report to the ICO.

Cost Effective

Antivirus solutions needn’t be particularly expensive.  A few pounds per computer per month should get you a reasonable level of cover.

Is antivirus all I need to protect my business?

The simple answer to this is No – plain old No!  You can find out more about the layers of IT security in this other blogpost – IT Security


If you have any queries about how your business should deal with Antivirus, or you have an infection that needs to be cleared, we can talk more via our Contact page.

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