Microsoft stopping support for Office 2007

In there never ending march into the future there are always thresholds beyond which software applications cannot tread. Such a threshold has come for the venerable Office 2007 Office Suite as it quickly approaches the end of Microsofts support 

As from October 10th, Microsoft will no longer be producing updates or bug fixes for Office 2007. Any vulnerabilities that are found in the suite of application from here forward will remain unpatched, which in itself is reason enough to update to one of the newer suites. Beyond this, Microsoft have also announced that from the 30th Office 2007 will no longer be able to connect to the Office 365 hosted email platform, providing even more of a spur for anyone still  operating the suite with the cloud service. If you do currently use office 2007 with hosted email you will find yourself to decide between 2 avenues with regards to accessing your email, either to upgrade, or fall back on accessing your email via the online portal at

If you do find yourself still using Office 2007, then please get in touch, we will be happy to go through your options, and find you the best licensing method to step up to the most recent version of the ever popular Office Suite.