How important are Firewall Security Updates?

OK, so you might be thinking “I have sorted this out already when I set my business up 5 years ago!” That’s great, but the truth is Firewall Security needs updating just like anything else that you have within your business. In this blog ESP Projects explore how important a Firewall Security Update is to your business. Firewall Security Updates are critically important to any business that relies on networked systems and data security. Firewalls act as the first line of defence against unauthorised access, cyberattacks, and other security threats, making them a cornerstone of network security.

What is it?

Any sensible business will have a firewall in place to protect it from threats on the internet from hackers and bad actors.  However, these firewalls become out of date and less protective for the network.  Firewall security updates ensure that your firewall stays upto date with the latest security releases from the manufacturer of the device.  It’s a central reporting platform that keeps a check on the devices you have and keeps them upto date.  The same solution also informs you if your device goes offline.

HOW Does it work?

ESP login to your firewall device and configure it to connect to our central configuration platform.  Once connected, we are then able to monitor the device uptime as well as configure the system to ‘push’ updates to the device as they become available.

HOW Do I use it?

You don’t, ESP will make the necessary configuration changes as part of your security package subscription.  We will then continue to monitor it to make sure it stays secure and operating correctly.

The Benefits….

Here’s why firewall security updates are crucial for your businesses:

Protection Against Emerging Threats

Cyberthreats constantly evolve, and new vulnerabilities are discovered regularly. Firewall updates include patches and improvements to address these vulnerabilities, ensuring that your network remains protected against the latest threats.

Vulnerability Mitigation

As new security vulnerabilities are discovered, they can be exploited by hackers to compromise your network. Regular firewall updates often include patches that fix known vulnerabilities, reducing the risk of security breaches.

Compliance Requirements

Many industries have regulatory requirements that mandate regular security updates and maintenance. Failing to keep your firewall up-to-date may result in non-compliance, leading to legal and financial consequences.

Improved Performance

Firewall updates not only enhance security but also improve the performance of your network. They may include optimisations and bug fixes that can boost network efficiency and reduce downtime.

Threat Intelligence

Modern firewalls often incorporate threat intelligence feeds that provide information about the latest cyber threats. Regular updates ensure that your firewall can utilise this threat intelligence to make informed decisions about blocking malicious traffic.

Zero-Day Vulnerability Protection

Zero-day vulnerabilities are those for which no official patch exists when they are initially discovered. However, firewall vendors often release updates that can detect and block attacks targeting these vulnerabilities until an official patch is available.

Maintaining Trust

Your customers and clients trust you to protect their data. A data breach due to an outdated firewall can lead to a loss of trust, reputation damage, and potential legal liabilities.

Cost Savings

Preventing security breaches through timely firewall updates is often more cost-effective than dealing with the fallout of a data breach. Data breaches can result in significant financial losses, legal costs, and damage to your brand.

Adaptation to Network Changes

As your business grows and your network evolves, your firewall may need to adapt to new configurations and requirements. Updates may include features and settings that accommodate these changes.

Reduction in False Positives

Outdated firewalls may generate more false positives, flagging legitimate traffic as potential threats. This can lead to operational disruptions and wasted resources. Updated firewalls are better at distinguishing between real threats and benign traffic.


Firewall Security Updates are vital for maintaining the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your business’s data and resources. They play a crucial role in keeping your network secure, compliant, and resilient in the face of evolving cyber threats. Ignoring firewall updates can expose your business to significant risks and potential consequences. Therefore, it’s essential to establish a regular update and patch management process to ensure your firewall remains effective in safeguarding your business. Let us help you with this book a chat with one of our friendly team.