Who are the best IT Support Providers in Sheffield, Yorkshire?

Every year, we at ESP Projects meet with hundreds of businesses in the Sheffield area (and sometimes further afield) about their IT systems & support.  Many of those businesses, whether private sector or charities ask us who else is working in the Outsourced IT Support space in the Sheffield area and who are the best IT Support providers in Sheffield.

We are not afraid to speak the truth and to be transparent and honest with our customers, in fact it is written throughout our company values – some of which are Family, reliability and trustworthiness.  Because of that, we decided to put together a shortlist of providers in the Sheffield area, to help you to make your decision on who to select as your outsourced IT Support provider.  Check out some of the Best IT Support Providers in Sheffield using the list below, which is in no particular order. 

Highlander Computing Solutions Limited 

Highlander are one of the larger MSPs (Managed Service Providers) in the Sheffield area with a turnover of approximately £20m to the year ended August 2021.  They were incorporated way back in 1995 and are regularly seen at networking events across the region.  They provide IT Solutions for businesses and are vendor agnostic meaning that they don’t recommend one vendor over another – they look to provide the right solution from a whole-of-market selection. 

Datamills (UK) Ltd 

Datamills are one of the smaller MSPs in the Sheffield area with a turnover of around £300k, with a focus on supporting small businesses. They are heavily focussed on security for small businesses and the business is led by Andrew Mills, who attends many events across the region (including ones that he puts on as co-host).  They were incorporated in 2011 and have been providing IT Services since then. 

Millgate Limited 

Millgate are another one of the larger IT providers in the city.  Turning over £34million with around £300k of profit in the year to July 2021, they provide all manner of IT services including IT Support.  Incorporated in 1996, they are also one of the older MSPs in the area. 

iTechnology Business Solutions Limited (ITBS)  

ITBS are a medium-sized MSP providing an outsourced remote IT department as standard.  They also offer Web Development projects as well as other Digital Services.  Incorporated in 2012, they have been going for over 10 years now. 


We have provided you with 4 other companies, based in Sheffield, to allow you to get quotes for your outsourced IT needs. Now it is time for you to tell ESP about your business and how we might work together to provide you with IT Services ourselves.  Feel free to have a browse around our site to find out more about what we do.  Our bread-and-butter service is our Unlimited IT Support Contract, which you can find out more about here IT Support Sheffield.  We also have some other sites, here ESP Core Software where we have a really cool customizable software tool that can help to manage data in EVERY business and here Data cabling Sheffield focussing on IT Infrastructure and Security Products for businesses. 

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