Do I need to backup in Office 365?

I have Office 365, do I still need to backup?

Office 365 has become more and more popular over the past couple of years and is now used in businesses all over the world. It has become increasingly beneficial to many users improving productivity, reducing costs for hardware and allowing users to access data wherever they might be.

Due to the data being in the cloud users are led to believe that there is no need to do Office 365 backups. Microsoft do have measures in place to backup and replicate data at their end but basically this is only a simple form of backup and does not actually protect you from human error such as accidental deletion or an employee maliciously deleting data.

So the short answer is yes, you do need Office 365 backup. See below for more information on times when the built in backup might not be enough.

Human Error

Data being stored on the cloud is one of the most popular reasons clients choose to move to Office 365 as it makes it easy for employees to access documents from any device.

We all trust the staff we employ to work in good faith however it is unavoidable that errors occur and in particular human error. I think we have all been guilty of deleting data by mistake.

There is also the potential of disgruntled employees or hackers who take great pleasure in maliciously deleting data and emails intentionally. With ESP Projects cloud-to-cloud backup solution data will be secured in an offsite location that can only be retrieved by authorised personnel.

The Employee that leaves

This is probably a little less common than human error but in this day and age there is always the possibility that an employee leaves on bad terms. With this comes the potential that they could delete their data before they leave and you may not realise before 30 days. If this is the case Microsoft wouldn’t be able to help, with our office 365 backup solution, simply select the date and users folders, then restore.

Short Retention Span

One thing Microsoft are not keen on publicising is that they only guarantee to be able to recover 90% of your data for 30 days. Your data might not be recoverable at all after this time.
The only way to ensure that data is fully protected against data loss should this retention run out is to use a separate backup solution.

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