Prep Your Business for the Next ‘Work From Home’ Scenario

Lockdown thrust many changes on the world. One of the biggest changes for businesses, in order to continue operation, was the transition from office or company premises-based operation to working from home.

Although many businesses may have found that this transition was not overly difficult, there were also many for which this was a huge logistical challenge. In any case, whether any given business found the transition easy or not, what is for sure is that a sudden mass transition to home working was not being specifically factored into the way in which businesses ran on a day-to-day basis.

No doubt, regardless of how easy the transition was for your business, there are things you would like to be prepared for or hope to do more successfully, should a situation such as a national lockdown arise again. Technology has always been a helping hand in the operation of any business, but it is now crucial to safeguarding your operation capacity against another potential emergency working from home situation.

When upgrading your systems, here are a few measures to consider in order to make your business more ‘home-work ready’!

Prep Your Business for the Next ‘Work From Home’ Scenario

  1. Harness the Cloud

A number of businesses were stung by the fact that their critical services and data were not easily accessible. This was due to the fact that many software’s and files are run and kept on local machines, and so not available unless you are hardwired into your workplaces local network.

The time has come to do away with on-site servers, and to migrate to the cloud. This means that all necessary data and privileges can be accessed by you and your colleagues wherever they are in the world.

You may still be under the illusion that the cloud is ‘not secure’. However, cloud security measures are constantly advancing, whereas there is now little development in the security of on-site servers. The cloud is, in fact, the most secure place for your data.

  1. Mobile Focused Upgrading

When upgrading equipment for your business, ask yourself, ‘how portable is my business?’ Desktops and paper files have long been going out of fashion, and they are now a hindrance to the mobility of your business. Laptops and tablets with remote or built in accessories, such as keyboards and mice, are considerably easier to transport and their lack of wires ensures that components are not lost or damaged.

  1. Portable Phone System

How up to date is your phone system? Modern IP telephone systems are easily divertible, and, as they are not hardwired into the phone line, are fully portable. As long as you have an internet connection, your businesses IP phone system will work in any location with ease.

Still working with an outdated phone system? Time to make a change. Contact us today!