MoveOn e-learning Platform

The e-learning Platform for Sheffield Foyer Independent Living Services

ESP Projects has recently had the pleasure to team up with The Guinness Partnership’s Sheffield Foyer, to provide technical support and hosting for an innovative eLearning platform called MoveOn as part of their independent living services and rehabilitation programme.

Sheffield Foyer work with the young homeless people in Sheffield to provide accommodation and a rehabilitation programme to work towards independent living.

What is it?

This is an online learning portal, with course content created by the clever people at Sheffield Foyer, and enables access to several learning modules. These have been developed to support the needs of Sheffield Foyer’s independent living services and rehabilitative programme and tested to ensure levels of compliancy and to allow other similar institutions the same access and benefits.

The MoveOn portal provides access to a wealth of course content. It is currently already used by charity and third sector organisations to great effect, including the Sheffield Foyer, helping them report and meet targets for the relevant areas of learning for its tenants.
It is aimed primarily at rehabilitative service organisations involved in wellbeing, youth unemployment or homelessness projects, and it is ideal for those looking for their first tenancy

The MoveOn learning platform is on an online resource that is:

  • Interactive
  • Content rich
  • Accessible
  • Proven

How does it work?

The platform, based on a combination of WordPress and Articulate’s eLearning software, is a simple, modern way for learners to gain accreditation for key life-skills, helping them re-integrate back into the community and live independently.

It’s an ideal cost saver for those in the social support sector as it provides a comprehensive course without the need for a full-time tutor. It is also a flexible web application, meaning it can be accessed by subscribed users wherever there’s an internet connection, and it’s fully responsive so can be completed on any device, from desktop PCs and laptops; to mobile devices such as tablets or even smart phones.

The platform is based on 10 learning modules each focussed on a different learning category, from Independent Living and Money Management, through to Healthy Eating and Citizenship.

Modules can be worked on in any order and each module features content that guides users through the learning process. Content has been designed to be engaging with interactive elements to test learners’ knowledge and skillsets, such as drag and drop puzzles, multiple choice questions and compulsory text based responses, all to provide varied and stimulating learning content and interface.

Learner progress is recorded throughout, with a scoring and feedback mechanism presented upon each module’s completion. A certificate can be generated at end of the course, with scope to print for a user’s evidence portfolio. The platform is also set to grow with yet further modules currently in development by Sheffield Foyer.

The Technology and Set Up

The platform itself is a clever combination of design, structured content, and web technology to present an online application that is flexible and highly useable. The course modules are generated by Articulate’s Storyboard software, with the front end and user admin handled by a WordPress CMS. This therefore offers ‘best of both worlds’ functionality from both a front-end user and administrator point of view.

ESP Projects provides all the necessary web hosting and support resource, utilising its own servers in Sheffield, and ensuring technical support, speed and scalability. Access to the portal and its featured content is done on an annual subscription basis, allowing for organisation-wide use for up to 100 users per subscription.

ESP Projects manages subscriptions to the platform, offering support and training to subscribers and implementing any necessary branding and content to the front end of the application, tailoring it for an organisation’s individual needs.

Subscribing to MoveOn couldn’t be easier. We simply need to know organisation details and number of users and the platform is set-up ready to be accessed. If you feel this is something that would be useful for your organisation, please use the MoveOn sign up for more information or telephone: 0330 2020118 (option 3).

Set-up Cost

Set-up cost is £1000 (+vat) as there is some work required in setting up the platform for your organisation’s use. We can tailor the home and login pages to your organisations brand to include your logo(s).

Ongoing license

The license for full access to the software is a simple annual subscription at £1000 (+vat), with monthly payment options also available (based on an annual subscription). That will allow access for up to 100 users- that’s just £10 per user per year!
When you consider the time and resource usually required by staff for such learning frameworks, and licensing for similar enterprise level software, we feel this a bargain!

The license includes:

  • Access to all learning modules for up to 100 users
  • A fully hosted online platform accessible via web browser
  • Full training and technical support
  • Contribution towards a customised award by the NCFE (further key criteria required)
  • Incentive Certification for learners upon completion of each module

For more information about how to gain access:


Move-On Training Benefits

  • Benefits to Support services:
  • No need to employ a full-time tutor.
  • Support and guidance for facilitators from experienced staff.
  • Course accredited by NCFE
  • Link up with another provider/agency to share cost.
  • New modules added each year.
  • Targeted learning – Complete one module or all ten.

Benefits to learners

  • Ideal for those looking at their first tenancy.
  • Can complete modules in any order.
  • Can be completed anywhere where there is internet access.
  • Can be completed on any device, such as; desktop PCs, laptops tablets, or even smart phones.
  • Certificate generated at end of course.
  • Work can be printed off for portfolio evidence.
  • Suitable for most levels of ability.
  • Easy and enjoyable to complete.

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Want to discuss?

The online portal is currently used by Sheffield Foyer’s rehabilitation programme as part of their independent living services and is proving to be a valuable tool. If you think this service could be beneficial to your organisation simply get in touch.

We’d be happy to offer initial consultation for your organisation’s web or software development requirements. Simply sign up via our online enquiry form or call our Office on 0330 2020118 and select option 3 for web.

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