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New GDPR Helpline Launched

Ian Barwick
10th November 2017 4 Min. Read

Last week, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) announced that it had launched a dedicated

Why Invest in an SSL Certificate

Ian Barwick
6th February 2017 5 Min. Read

Over the past year, many organisations have been pushing harder than ever before towards a secure web with the use of an SSL Certificate. Google announced their plans of ‘Moving towards a more secure web‘ back in September 2016. Starting with the release of Chrome 56 that was rolled out late last week, users will start to see a “Not secure” message in their address bar when visiting a login or payment page which doesn’t use the secure HTTPS protocol.

Phishing Emails – The Web Vulnerability Nobody Talks About

Ian Barwick
9th September 2016 5 Min. Read

It’s a common practice for websites to open external links in a new tab. If you use the target=”blank” attribute with links, it’s highly likely that your users are vulnerable to a very simple yet dangerous phishing email attack.

A lot of websites use this to instruct a user’s browser to open a new tab/window to a specific link. While this seems fine in practice, there is actually a connection going on between the new external tab and the previous tab. When the link is clicked there is actually data specified which allows the new tab to interact with the previous tab. This allows any website you link to could potentially send your current tab to another site, which could then use phishing techniques to steal private information from the user.

5 Tips for Choosing a Web Host

Ian Barwick
4th May 2016 6 Min. Read

1. Trust & Security

Web hosting is all about trust in your provider. Can you trust them, not just with your data but with your client’s data also?

Security is important for everyone but it is vital for sites that deal in credit card transactions or collect confidential customer data. The technical challenge of providing a secure hosting environment is a tough one and reputable providers devote a lot of time and effort to securing their systems and keeping them secure against an ever-changing threat environment.