• The Elm Foundation

    Author: Graham Jones
    6th April 2018 10 Minute Read

    The Elm Foundation is a charity offering support services for those affected by domestic abuse. They turned to ESP looking to raise the organisation’s profile, to promote the work it does so it may continue to fundraise and sustain itself. The organisation was looking for a complete revision of it brand identity, previously using using a rather cumbersome acronym for its brand- DDVSAS (Derbyshire Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Service). Analysis also showed that its existing profile didn’t necessarily reflect the organisation’s culture, values or mission.

  • Hancock Cash & Carry – VoIP Phone System

    Author: ESP Projects
    23rd May 2017 7 Minute Read

    Our Role

    Replacement of individual Telephone Systems with one Centralised VoIP Phone System


    Hancock Cash and Carry are a wholesale confectionary distributor with 21 depots nationwide.

    ESP Projects were approached by Hancock’s in the spring of 2015 with major IT problems; they wanted to grow the business, but the IT systems were holding them back. There was a multitude of different problems we grouped into 3 major areas; 1. Core Network Infrastructure. 2. Telephone Systems. 3. Software Systems.

  • Hancocks Cash & Carry – Bespoke Database Management System

    Author: ESP Projects
    22nd May 2017 8 Minute Read

    Our Role

    Bespoke database for products. Cost monitoring system. Offer Evaluation Tool. Complaints Database.

    ESP Projects has demonstrated its technical ability through numerous web projects where database management systems, integrations and middleware development have been key aspects of the solution provided. Here, we provide an overview of one such project which is large in its nature and has grown organically over a period of months.

  • MoveOn e-learning Platform

    Author: Graham Jones
    6th April 2017 11 Minute Read

    The e-learning Platform for Sheffield Foyer Independent Living Services

    ESP Projects has recently had the pleasure to team up with The Guinness Partnership’s Sheffield Foyer, to provide technical support and hosting for an innovative eLearning platform called MoveOn as part of their independent living services and rehabilitation programme.

  • Cumbria CVS

    Author: ESP Projects
    5th December 2015 6 Minute Read


    Web Design, Training, Ongoing Support

    Cumbria CVS helps non-profit organisations and groups across Cumbria, providing training, support, and funding advice. In recent years they have moved to a paid membership model and the website plays an important role in helping to attract and retain members.

    ESP took over support of the old Cumbria CVS website in 2011 and undertook a major rebuild in April 2013, following a website review commissioned in support of their ongoing marketing efforts.