The Most Useful Web Survey Tools

Finding out what your customers, clients, staff or partners think of you, your products or services is an essential facet of effective management. But how many of us haven’t the time to undertake a large feedback exercise or the money to commission a research company? With these three web survey tools, creating and circulating a survey is both easy and cheap, and analysis can be undertaken simply by logging in to a website. Check them out (with thanks to TechSoup):


SurveyMonkey offers a free basic version for very small and informal surveys, but this version can only collect 100 responses per survey. The Pro version at £13/ month or £133/ year allows for more survey responses, your own branding of the survey, downloads of reports or data to another application to do more serious analysis.


Zoomerang offers a limited free package similar to SurveyMonkey. Non-profits can sign up for the advanced package of unlimited surveys, questions and respondents for £233/year. Whilst Zoomerang’s survey building tools are not always intuitive, it offers more extensive reporting with a flexible cross-tabulation report tool that allows survey administrators to see the data relationships across any set of questions.


SurveyGizmo is the most web accessible of the survey packages here. Its free version supports 250 responses per month with a range of more advanced packages from £13/month to £106/ month. SurveyGizmo has a tool for integrating survey functionality into websites, blogs and other applications, including Salesforce CRM.

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