The Joy of Doodling – Doodle

We all know the script: you need to arrange a meeting with several people, all of whom have busy schedules. But how do you do it without sending out an ever-increasing quantity of ever-more complicated emails? It seems to be such a time consuming process for such a simple thing!

Well now there is a perfect technical solution.

It’s called Doodle, and it is a free service provided by the website Doodle allows you to create a simple poll (whether it be for scheduling an event, or just a multiple-choice question) in 3 easy steps. Once the poll is created, you are emailed a link to administer the poll (e.g. change the question) and another link to send out to poll participants.
You send the second link in an email to you friends or colleagues, and they click on it to ‘vote’ on which date/time/option is good for them. Voting doesn’t require registration or signing up to anything, they simply put their name in and vote. Doodle tallys up the votes for you and you can easily see which option is best. All you need to do then is email everyone with the result! Easy!