How Our Time and Management System Can Transform Your Business

Time and attendance management is a time-consuming process for businesses, especially when there are many other elements of running a business that requires attention. Despite this, there is a solution and that comes in the form of the Time and Attendance Management System from ESP Projects. So, if you feel as though it is time for your business to seek out a streamlined approach to time and attendance management then take a look at how our system can help you.

Remove the Issue of Human Error

Payroll is an integral part of any business but managing the time and attendance of multiple staff members can lead to errors and that means that you could either underpay or overpay employees. These risks are completely removed using our system because clock-in information is automatically handled by our intuitive system, delivering accuracy and peace of mind.

Improve Processes and Monitor Hours Securely

It can prove a challenge to monitor the hours of staff based on a submitted timesheet each week or month but our time management system will overcome this problem. It’s designed to streamline the process of managing the hours that people work while also ensuring that it is done so in a secure way. The system avoids tampering or the fraudulent submission of timesheets, providing an accurate, real-time view of the hours that your workforce is working.

  • TAMS is ideal for any organisation that has to manage weekly rotas for their staff
  • Clock-ins/outs can be recorded either using the app or we can install a simple ‘swipe in’ system on site using cards, fobs, or even bio-metrics!

Actively Manage Overtime

Employees will often take advantage of overtime when it comes their way but paying staff the correct amount does require an extra element of management. Therefore, our management system will enable you to ensure you keep on top of overtime and who is completing it while being able to keep employees informed of the hours they have been scheduled and the hours that have been authorised.

Access Any Time and Place

The great thing about this system is that you won’t need to be in the office or work environment to check the details or hours of employees. The system is accessible via a browser on any mobile device which makes it possible to manage hours at any time and any place. This provides management with the ability to keep their finger on the pulse, regardless of where they are or the time of day.


Many systems that offer the same functionality are clunky and difficult to use and that can lead to errors. We have ensured that our system is intuitive and simple to use, making the entire experience one that is streamlined, effortless and enjoyable too.

Save Money and Time

Accuracy is vital when it comes to managing the time and attendance of employees. All of the data can be exported easily and efficiently, allowing you to delve into the details and explore the working hours of each employee. This can help to save time which in turn saves money but the level of accuracy of our system will also ensure that payroll is right every single time.

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