Spam Emails – Delivery & Parcel Tracking

James Greaves
28th September 2016 4 Min. Read

We have all been there haven’t we, happily working along and then ding, Outlook flashes up a notification about that parcel you ordered and that you can track it now… But hang on, did I order a parcel, am I expecting a notification from DHL or the Royal Mail to let me know where it is?

Mobile Sites vs. Responsive Web Design

Graham Jones
16th June 2016 9 Min. Read

Mobile Marketing

If you’re a business wanting to market yourself effectively, embracing the opportunities that mobile marketing presents are more important than ever. With mobile browsing now exceeding desktop, the question shouldn’t be ‘should my company use mobile marketing?’ but ‘how?’

That’s all well and good if your company has the luxury of having its own in-house group of techies or a reliable marketing agency to hand, but staying ahead of the curve poses a number of problems, not least knowing where to start. This blog post hopes to at least give you some information to help you make an informed decision on the best course of action, by outlining the difference between responsive design and mobile websites; along with the pros and the cons for each.

Ransomware – Locky, scourge of YOUR data.

Matthew James
18th May 2016 6 Min. Read

During your busy work day you receive an email with a word document attached, you open it to view the contents and accept the prompt to run macros. The contents of the file will be un-exciting, maybe even blank, but the damage has been done. Allowing the file to open and run its macros has already opened the door for Locky and the quite devastating results of its work.

Phishing and Spam Emails

Matthew James
14th April 2016 9 Min. Read

A brief overview:-

  • Be aware or the re-emergence of Spam emails using spoofed sending address of a colleague/high ranking officer of your organisation/supplier.
  • Simple yet sophisticated in its operation
  • Utilises social engineering to trick you to send money, and no, there is no Nigerian prince involved.