Internet of Things – Cloud Solutions for Industry Part 1

Graham Jones
10th November 2017 7 Min. Read

Internet of Things

Many of you will have no doubt come across the term ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). This is the term applied for the connection of devices (not just computers) over the internet, allowing them to communicate and share information. As a concept, this is something that has been bandied about for many years but its only recently that, due to progressions in technology, has really started to gain momentum.

TypeScript: What is it and do I need it?

ESP Projects
2nd November 2017 4 Min. Read

What is TypeScript?

TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript.‘ While that all sounds very fancy, it pretty much boils down to JavaScript, but with lots of added juicy bits.

The Juicy Bits

Recently, new versions of JavaScript became available, but are not currently supported by all major browsers. TypeScript allows us to leverage all the new benefits by allowing developers to write client-side logic in a similar way to server-side logic.

GDPR Compliance – Are You Ready?

Tom Ward
1st November 2017 4 Min. Read

As many of you are now aware the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which is replacing the current Directive, will take full effect for all Member States on the 28th May 2018. That’s 216 days, 17 hours, 50 minutes and 8….7….6….5….4….3….seconds away. Although there are many articles being published regarding this regulation, there are still many grey areas around GDPR compliance, what must be done, how and where responsibility lies.

Is Your Email Secure?

Bradley Shaw
27th September 2017 5 Min. Read

Every day over 200 billion emails are sent, people use email to conduct business and to communicate with family and friends. But the question not many people think about; Is your email secure?

The truth is, emails are no more private than a plain old postcard.

Who have you given access to?

Recently the service came under a lot of attention and some well-deserved flack over the recent article dropped by the New York Times look at Uber, which detailed selling inbox data of their users. helps users manage their email subscriptions, which for a lot of people is something that sounds really useful to help manage their inbox. However, has been found to be selling data to Uber, particularly anonymised data detailing ride receipts from Uber and Lyft.

What is an Intranet and why should my business have one?

Jason Francis
30th May 2017 8 Min. Read

An intranet is a private network that utilises technologies that are normally seen as internet technologies but is operated in an isolated fashion from the rest of the public internet.  OK, that seems like a bit of technical jargon, so what is an intranet really?  Effectively, it’s an internal website that provides staff with a central place to share and read information.

Digital Marketing for Charities

ESP Projects
20th April 2017 7 Min. Read

With an increasingly small range of funds available, Charities, often overworked in this age of austerity, are being forced to work harder for the grants and donations they need to keep ticking. Digital marketing for charities hasn’t always been easy, but now, more than ever before, it is an essential task.  Publicity, positive image and getting a message across are all getting more difficult to achieve in an ever more competitive environment, with different charities online vying for attention.