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Automated Patch Management from ESP

Graham Jones
15th January 2019 5 Min. Read

An Automated Patch Management solution will fully automate the patch management life-cycle for desktops, laptops and servers on a daily basis. Nowadays, even minor software bugs can lead to major headaches so the importance of implementing a regular patching schedule can’t be underestimated!

Internet of Things – Cloud Solutions for Industry Part 2

Graham Jones
14th November 2017 7 Min. Read

In part one of this cloud solution article we introduced the the Internet of Things and explored how this concept might be used to improve processes for industry by allowing data to be transmitted between devices in several locations via the cloud. We came up with the idea of taking electronic equipment with associated data output and adding connectivity to it, enabling management and reporting of that data. It would also offer scope for control of said devices remotely, opening up possibilities for engineering support and maintenance without the need for someone to be on site. We thought that Raspberry Pis (mini PC’s) would be the ideal hardware component, that could be used alongside a controller device, adding an element of ‘Smart’ functionality to the equipment or machinery it was attached to. Here we look at the practical implementation of such a solution.

Internet of Things – Cloud Solutions for Industry Part 1

Graham Jones
10th November 2017 7 Min. Read

Internet of Things

Many of you will have no doubt come across the term ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). This is the term applied for the connection of devices (not just computers) over the internet, allowing them to communicate and share information. As a concept, this is something that has been bandied about for many years but its only recently that, due to progressions in technology, has really started to gain momentum.

Help for Homeless Rehabilitation – eLearning Platform

Graham Jones
13th April 2017 4 Min. Read

ESP Projects have joined forces with Sheffield Foyer to provide an intuitive e-learning course programme as part of their rehabilitation to help the homeless.

The MoveOn course is aimed at people looking for their first job or first tenancy to prepare and give them the key life skills to live independently and re-integrate into the community.

Mobile Sites vs. Responsive Web Design

Graham Jones
16th June 2016 9 Min. Read

Mobile Marketing

If you’re a business wanting to market yourself effectively, embracing the opportunities that mobile marketing presents are more important than ever. With mobile browsing now exceeding desktop, the question shouldn’t be ‘should my company use mobile marketing?’ but ‘how?’

That’s all well and good if your company has the luxury of having its own in-house group of techies or a reliable marketing agency to hand, but staying ahead of the curve poses a number of problems, not least knowing where to start. This blog post hopes to at least give you some information to help you make an informed decision on the best course of action, by outlining the difference between responsive design and mobile websites; along with the pros and the cons for each.